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Tips For Fighting Tax Evasion Charges

Every taxpayer has a legal obligation to file accurate tax returns. Reporting your income and tax liabilities correctly reduces your…

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What Is Wire Fraud Versus Mail Fraud?

Wire and mail fraud both exist as similar crimes with similar penalties. However, there are a few distinctions between the…

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Understanding The 90-day Marriage Requirement

When you live in North Carolina but plan to wed someone who was born in a different nation, you need…

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Dealing With Possible False Charges Of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge will cause significant disruption in the lives of everyone involved. Many cases include accurate accusations and…

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What Are Common White-collar Crime Charges?

Until someone you know faces white-collar criminal charges, you may not understand what that means. While many crimes fall under…

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Can I Earn A Green Card With A Criminal Record?

Depending on the severity, you can become a permanent US citizen with a criminal record. A criminal record does make…

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What Should You Know About The Deportation Process?

If you face removal, you may fret over what to expect and whether you have any options. The U.S. government…

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Experts Debate The Existence Of Mutual Abuse

When one person accuses another of domestic violence, the other often contends that the abuse was mutual, i.e., both parties…

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What Should You Know About Domestic Violence Protective Orders?

When it comes to criminal charges, accusations of domestic violence can affect your life in numerous ways. Along with possible…

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What Should You Do With Your New Green Card?

Applying for legal permanent residency can be a long and complicated process. Now that you have received your approval notice,…

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