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North Carolina Authorities Make Record Fentanyl Seizure

Police in North Carolina have reported that 13 pounds of fentanyl worth about $2 million was discovered during the search…

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18 People Taken Into Custody on Drugs and Weapons Charges

An initiative called Take Back North Carolina has resulted in 18 people being taken into custody. The defendants are facing…

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What to Do if a Federal Agent Contacts You

Most people understand the severity of criminal charges, especially on a federal level. Responding properly can prevent harming your case…

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What Happens if I Refuse a Breath Test?

Drivers often worry about being pulled over by a police officer. This can be even more daunting for a person…

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The Consequences Of Drunk Driving In North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are five levels of misdemeanor DUI charges in addition to a felony DUI charge. A level…

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Attitudes Toward Marijuana Changing in North Carolina

A bill in North Carolina may have an impact on those who have been charged with marijuana in the past.…

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What Is a Rico Violation?

RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act that Congress passed in 1970 to attempt to curtail Mafia…

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Are You Facing An Investigation For Possible Embezzlement?

Perhaps you have only been working at your company for a short period of time. Perhaps that is why you…

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Understanding Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

When people face criminal charges, it is always a serious matter. Though it is important for them to face consequences…

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