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When police are called to the scene of an alleged domestic violence incident, it is likely someone will be going to jail. Regardless of the truth of the situation, it could be you. And, a conviction for domestic violence can have serious consequences.

Restraining orders, possible incarceration, steep fines and the loss of the ability to see your children are just a few penalties associated. If you live in North Carolina, and you face allegations of domestic abuse, you need the counsel of a Charlotte domestic violence lawyer.

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What Is Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

Domestic violence is an issue affecting men, women, and children in North Carolina. Despite this fact, there are times when someone is wrongly charged. The state believes domestic violence is a pattern of intentional violence. This explanation can also include controlling behavior. Typical behaviors include physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and financial abuse or violence.

Having a domestic violence charge does not mean a defendant is guilty of domestic violence. Due to the nature of the offense, law enforcement and the prosecution may make incorrect assumptions that point to the wrong guilty party or exaggerate the offense. Our Charlotte domestic violence lawyers work with you to craft the correct defense strategy to make a case for your innocence.

A Team Approach To Tackling Your Case

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we can help. We use a team approach to protecting our clients. Throughout the process, we will investigate the charges, negotiate with prosecutors and aggressively advocate for you in court if necessary. Then, we will assertively defend your rights as we seek the best outcome.

Utilizing Experience In State And Federal Courts To Protect Your Rights

Our attorneys are prepared to help. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience, and attorney Steven T. Meier alone has more than 15 years of experience representing clients charged with domestic violence in courts throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding counties. This extensive experience ensures our familiarity with the prosecution and judge assigned to the case.

Charlotte Domestic Violence FAQs

Q: How Long Do Most Domestic Violence Cases Last?

A: The length of most domestic violence cases depends on the circumstances. There are many types of domestic violence cases, ranging from violating restraining orders to aggravated assault.

Some cases can last a year or longer, depending on how many cases the criminal court has on its calendar. Most importantly, the prosecution and defense have time to represent their client correctly. Although a client may want a quicker case, both sides should ensure they have done their job and present their case for why the defendant is either guilty or innocent.

Q: Are Most Domestic Violence Cases Reported?

A: The data on whether most domestic violence cases are reported is difficult to assess because of the nature of the statistics. To gather data on whether people report domestic violence or not, the people experiencing domestic violence would have to report it.

This complex situation means that the legal system must focus on the cases reported and protect the rights of each side involved in a domestic violence case.

Q: What Percentage of Domestic Violence Cases Are False?

A: The percentage of domestic violence cases that are false is complex. Whether a domestic violence case is false or not is not what a domestic violence lawyer deals with in their cases. In a case, a domestic violence attorney will work to present the case that their client is innocent of the charge they are facing.

When a defense attorney wins a case, there is insufficient evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Some common domestic violence defense strategies are arguing self-defense, mistaken identity, and false accusation.

Q: Who Starts Most Domestic Violence Cases?

A: It is difficult to assess who starts most domestic violence cases. Every domestic violence case is specific to the individuals involved. Who starts a domestic violence case is not as important as whether or not both individual’s rights are protected if the case goes to trial. If a spouse is presumed to be guilty of a domestic violence charge, they deserve the same legal protection afforded to the other spouse.

It Is Crucial To Find Skilled Representation. Let Us Help You.

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are severe, and these cases are typically pursued aggressively by the prosecution. Unfortunately, the prosecution may pursue the incorrect party. Because consequences can be so serious, it’s crucial that you find skilled representation as soon as possible. If you have been accused of stalking, assault, communicating threats or violating a restraining order, arrange to meet with our skilled lawyers.

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for what’s right. Take action as soon as possible to begin your defense strategy.

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