Why Might Someone Make False Domestic Violence Accusations?

If you are facing criminal charges for domestic violence, you probably already realize your future may be at risk. After all, not only does a domestic violence conviction come with serious legal consequences, but you also are likely to encounter considerable social stigma. This is true regardless of whether the domestic violence accusations are true or baseless.

While it is generally advisable to believe victims, false domestic violence accusations are not exactly rare. In fact, according to the Center for Prosecution Integrity, more than 20 million adults have been targets of untrue domestic violence allegations. Why might someone lie about domestic violence, though?

Family law matters

If you are going through a bitter divorce or custody dispute, your partner may falsely accuse you of domestic violence. Doing so, of course, can sway a court to rule in his or her favor. Still, your spouse’s accusations may have the opposite effect if the allegations are without merit.

Retribution or vengeance

Virtually everyone realizes just how serious domestic violence accusations are. If your spouse wants to hurt you in a serious way, accusing you of abuse or mistreatment might do the trick. Remember, though, you have a right to protect your reputation, especially if abuse allegations are untrue.

Sympathy or attention

Society has little tolerance for those who mistreat their domestic partners. If your spouse wants sympathy from coworkers, friends, family members or the general public, he or she might like about domestic abuse. Additionally, making up stories about mistreatment can give your partner the attention he or she seeks.

Ultimately, because false domestic violence accusations are likely to cause you catastrophic harm, it is critical for you to fight back.

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