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2024 How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in North Carolina?

Facing a criminal conviction can be frightening. Depending on how your case unfolds, you could be looking at serious jail…

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Charlotte, NC Crime Rate 2024 – Latest Statistics

Charlotte, North Carolina, is an attractive city to many people. Its Southern hospitality, relative affordability, and growing economy can draw…

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North Carolina Crime Rate By City 2024 – Latest Statistics

North Carolina draws people in with stunning landscapes, cultural history, and a booming economy. These qualities make it a top…

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What Is The Impact Of An Ex Parte Order?

According to the North Carolina Health News, the state had an increase of about 2,000 additional domestic violence cases in…

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Steps To Take When A Partner Files A Restraining Order

Facing a restraining order can be challenging, especially when it results from an accusation of domestic violence. You need to…

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How Underage Drinking Charges Can Affect The Rest Of Your Life

Underage drinking is a serious matter, and it carries significant consequences in North Carolina. While it may seem like a…

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What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter. When facing charges, it is essential to ensure you understand exactly what…

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How Do You Bring up Drug Charges in an Interview?

If you get arrested and convicted for a crime related to drug possession or use, you could face serious penalties.…

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Why Might Someone Make False Domestic Violence Accusations?

If you are facing criminal charges for domestic violence, you probably already realize your future may be at risk. After…

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Dealing With Possible False Charges Of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge will cause significant disruption in the lives of everyone involved. Many cases include accurate accusations and…

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