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What Is Drug Paraphernalia In North Carolina?

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, 14% of criminal incidents from 2019 to 2022 involved drugs. However,…

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What is Happening With North Carolina’s Medical Marijuana Laws?

Many states in the country have legalized marijuana for use either medically or recreationally. There are only three states that…

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What Are The Barriers To Mat?

MAT, or medication-assisted therapy, is a system to help drug addicts recover that utilizes both therapy and the aid of…

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3 Things To Know About North Carolina’s Drug Court Program

Sometimes struggles with substance abuse, rather than malintent, lead to people facing criminal charges. In such situations, traditional penalties and…

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Parallel Consequences of Possessing Drugs for College Students

Many teenagers and young adults use their college years to take risks and experiment with substances, but keeping or carrying…

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How to Prove Participation in the State Syringe Program

Drug paraphernalia laws in North Carolina criminalize the possession of various items that someone can use to cultivate, measure, store,…

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Barriers to Mat in North Carolina

Medication-assisted therapy treats substance use disorder through a combination of counseling and medications. While it can be very effective, there…

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Welcome News for College Students Who Are Facing Drug Charges

As a parent, you did everything possible to raise good kids. While you expect your children to figure out who…

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Drug Violations May Trigger Detention, Deportation

A drug charge may mean big trouble for anyone. However, if you are living in North Carolina as a legal…

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Drug Paraphernalia Charges In North Carolina

If you are facing drug paraphernalia charges, you could have a number of questions. These allegations can disrupt many facets…

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