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North Carolina DWI Laws and Penalties 2024 Explained

Getting pulled over for DWI is a stressful situation, as a DWI conviction can have severe penalties. The aftermath of…

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What is SCRAM? S SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), created in the 1990s, has risen in the ranks of…

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Drunk Driving and Your College Education

Whether you are currently attending college or plan to go to college in the near future, it is vital to…

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Dwi, Other Serious Allegations Result From Head-on Crash

Most parents would not do anything to hurt their children. Unfortunately, parents, like all people, make mistakes, and a lapse…

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Fatal Accident Results In Dwi Charges For Driver

After a car accident that results in injuries or death to others, it is likely for criminal charges to result.…

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Drunk Driving Charges Stem From Hit-and-run Involving Bicyclist

It is not uncommon for criminal charges to result from car accidents. Even if a driver is not necessarily considered…

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Woman Facing Dwi, Other Charges After Fatal Bicycle Accident

Being involved in an accident that causes harm to another person can be a devastating experience. This type of ordeal…

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Driver Charged With Dwi After Fatal Crash

It can sometimes be difficult to judge when one has had too much to drink. In some cases, individuals’ could…

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Man Facing Dwi, Other Charges After Fatal Crash

When facing a criminal charge, anyone may feel confused and uncertain about what is ahead. In some cases, a serious…

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Dui Checkpoints In Rural Communities

Many people are stopped for drunk driving in cities and on suburban roads. However, people are also pulled over for…

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