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A serious accident can lead to a traumatic, painful and expensive aftermath, but you are not alone. A Charlotte personal injury lawyer, like those at Steven T. Meier, PLLC Attorneys At Law, we are here to help. Our personal injury attorneys bring decades of combined experience and a caring approach to help injured people in the Charlotte area.

Were you or a loved one hurt in a car accident or on unsafe property? Did a family member suffer serious injury? Are you grieving a relative’s wrongful death? We understand how overwhelming and expensive a situation like this can be. Let us get you the financial compensation that you need for your physical and emotional recovery.

Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer

Experience You Need To Get Maximum Compensation

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, you work directly with experienced personal injury lawyers who are committed to obtaining maximum financial compensation for you or your loved one. We have decades of combined experience successfully advocating for people just like you. Some of the major cases we handle include:

We can help you recover for lost wages, mounting medical bills and replacement of a damaged motor vehicle.

Our Process

We will conduct an in-depth investigation of your claim and use the facts of your case when negotiating with insurance companies in Charlotte, NC. If necessary, we are prepared to go to court to protect your rights. While each case is different, the process of getting you the compensation that you are entitled to for your personal injury case will likely include the following:

  • Documenting the Accident. Our legal team can help document your personal injury accident by taking photographs and videos and collecting relevant police reports or medical records.
  • Reporting the Accident. Our attorneys can help you report the accident that occurred to your insurance company and the insurance company of the at-fault individual.
  • Evaluating the Damages. The team at Steven T. Meier, PLLC, can analyze all of the damages associated with your injury, including pain and suffering and reduced earning capacity, and come up with a number that will support you in covering your losses.
  • Supporting the Claims Process. We can help with the claims process, from communicating with the insurance company of the at-fault party on your behalf to negotiating for a fair settlement.
  • Further Negotiating With Insurance Companies. Insurance companies are encouraged to increase their bottom line; therefore, it is not typically in their interest to get you a settlement that adequately covers your case damages. Our legal team will leverage our negotiating skills to come back with settlement amounts that are more reflective of your damages.
  • Taking the Settlement to Court. Sometimes it is not possible to get a reasonable settlement amount outside of court, and litigation must be pursued. A personal injury attorney from our team can help fight for your settlement amount in court.

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, our personal injury legal team has been defending and protecting the rights of injured clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas for years. We have knowledge of local, state, and federal personal injury law and experience working with local legal actors and insurance companies, which gives us a leg up on pursuing compensation for our clients.

We are proud to hold citizens in Charlotte accountable for their negligent or reckless behavior, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of our community.

Charlotte, North Carolina Compensation for Personal Injury Cases

If you have been in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness and resulted in injuries, this can lead to not only physical and mental damages but also financial hardship.

However, you should not have to bear the financial burden of an accident that you were not responsible for. Therefore, North Carolina law provides legal avenues for accident victims to pursue compensation for their damages.

Financial compensation can cover the following damages:

  • Past Medical Expenses. Medical expenses associated with your accident injuries can pile up, causing great financial hardship. Medical expenses can include hospital stays, surgery bills, prescriptions, medical devices, clinic visits, diagnostics tests, such as MRIs and CT scans, and more.
  • Future Medical Needs. If your injuries were more serious and require future medical treatment, then this can be anticipated for personal injury settlement amounts. Such payments can cover future at-home assistance and care, as well as physical rehabilitation and regular visits to the doctor.
  • Property Damages. During the accident, there may have been damages to your personal property, such as your vehicle or home. Furthermore, there may have been damage to other private or public property, including infrastructure such as bridges and telephone poles. The at-fault party will need to pay the damages associated with other property and provide you with ample coverage to pay for damages to your own property.
  • Lost Income and Wages. After an injury, you may not be able to work or carry out your job to the extent that you could before the accident. A settlement can cover any wages or income that may have been lost due to your injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering. As a result of your personal injury accident, you may have long-term emotional suffering and physical pain, such as chronic pain that diminishes your quality of life and keeps you from being as active as you used to be. It’s important to work with an experienced lawyer who can adequately translate your pain and suffering into financial value.

The compassionate legal team at Steven T. Meier, PLLC, understands the transformation that can happen in a person’s life after they face a personal injury accident. By addressing our client’s concerns and questions and helping them pursue all aspects of compensation that they are entitled to, we seek to soothe the repercussions of an accident’s aftermath, helping clients get the resources they need to adequately heal and move forward.

What To Look for in a Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney?

Having an experienced attorney who is well-suited to represent your personal injury case can make all of the difference when it comes to getting the compensation that you need for damages. When considering who to hire as a personal injury lawyer for your case, be sure to look for the following traits and characteristics:

  • Empathetic and Active Listeners. You will want an attorney who is actively giving you their attention and time and responding and asking multiple questions to detail your case explanations. They should address all of your concerns and questions and use their listening skills to deeply understand your case and your desired outcome.
  • Clear Communicators. Your personal injury case may involve various steps that involve different stakeholders and may take place in or out of court. Therefore, it’s important that your lawyer can clearly communicate between all parties, providing you with relevant case updates as necessary.
  • Fierce Negotiators. Insurance companies will likely try to lowball you so that they do not have to pay the full amount that will cover all of your damages. Therefore, it’s important to have a fearless negotiator on your side who will help optimize your settlement amounts.
  • Experience and Success in Similar Cases. During the initial consultation, ask the attorney about cases they took on that were similar to yours and get evidence of what the case outcomes were. This will give you a better idea about whether they are equipped to take on your case.

Overall, you will need to spend a lot of time with your personal injury attorney and share intimate case details with them so that they can clearly understand what happened during your accident. Therefore, it is critical to work with someone that you feel comfortable with. Ultimately, when choosing your personal injury lawyer, it’s important to go with your gut.

North Carolina Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases

In North Carolina, there is a limited amount of time that victims of personal injury accidents have to press charges against the individuals who were at fault for the accident. The amount of time between the date of the accident and the date that the case is filed is known as the statute of limitations, which is typically three years in North Carolina for personal injury cases.

It’s important to note that there may be exceptions to the amount of time that you may have to file for your personal injury case based on the details of your situation. For example, if the at-fault individual hid evidence that proved their at-fault status, this usually results in a longer period to file. As a general rule, it’s important to file as soon as possible in order to avoid missing deadlines and losing your right to compensation.

A personal injury attorney from Steven T. Meier, PLLC, can collect and analyze the details of your case to help you understand the general timeline of your personal injury compensation claims process and keep you updated with any key requirements, updates, or upcoming deadlines. By submitting adequately filled-out paperwork with ample evidence to back up your claims on time, our legal team can help facilitate a smooth claims process.

Understanding “Contributory Negligence” in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there is a “contributory negligence” law that governs many personal injury cases. Contributory negligence basically means that if individuals are found to be even slightly responsible for the accident that led to their personal injuries, then they might not be entitled to pursue compensation for their resulting damages.

For example, if an insurance company determines that an at-fault driver was 98% responsible for causing a car accident and the victim was 2% responsible, then this 2% could be enough to deny them coverage for accident damages. A dedicated personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you understand how contributory negligence laws might apply to your case and help you develop a foolproof strategy that can help you work towards getting your injury compensation.

Charlotte, North Carolina Wrongful Death Cases

If a loved one of yours has been involved in an accident in Charlotte and the surrounding areas that took their life, this can be extremely difficult emotionally. It can be difficult to have to pursue compensation for your loved one’s loss while making room to grieve them properly, including holding a service for them and reflecting on their life.

Therefore, it’s critical to work with empathetic wrongful death lawyers who can take on all of the legal and bureaucratic burdens of a wrongful death case so that you and your family can focus on properly healing. At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we can help you get the compensation that you deserve to cover the costs associated with losing your loved one, such as funeral and burial costs, as well as the pain and suffering associated with lost companionship.

Charlotte Personal Injury FAQs

Q: How Much Does a Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Charge?

A: The amount that a personal injury attorney may charge in Charlotte is dependent on differing factors, including the type and severity of your injuries, the nature of your accident, the parties involved, the evidence to prove whether the other person was at fault, and the experience of your attorney. It’s important to note that most personal injury attorneys only charge a contingency fee of 30% to 40% of the final settlement amount. If you do not win your case, then the personal injury attorney will not be compensated.

Q: Can I Sue a Property Owner for a Shooting in North Carolina?

A: There are some cases in which you can sue a North Carolina property owner for a shooting that occurred on their property. However, you must be able to provide a clear and logical linkage between their actions of recklessness or negligence that could have allowed or led to the shooting incident. For example, if the property owner failed to create and implement a necessary safety protocol that led to the incident, then they could be held liable.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Settle an NC Personal Injury Case?

A: The amount of time that it may take to settle your North Carolina personal injury case will be dependent on several key factors, including the complexity of your case and whether it is settled in court or outside of court. There are instances in which it may be more sensible to settle out of court in order to speed up the timeline. However, this could be at large compensation amounts.

An experienced NC personal injury lawyer can help you balance the case timeline with compensation outcomes based on your concerns and ultimate goals.

Q: Is North Carolina an At-Fault State for Personal Injury Cases?

A: Yes, North Carolina is an at-fault state when it comes to insurance claims, and this applies to personal injury cases as well. This means that if you have sustained injuries as a result of an accident, then you must be able to prove that another party or parties were at fault for causing the accident in order to get coverage for your damages.

An experienced North Carolina personal injury lawyer can help you prove that the other party was at fault for your accident and help you secure the compensation that you need.

Q: Is Pain And Suffering the Same as Personal Injury?

A: Personal injury and pain and suffering are not the same thing. A personal injury case is characterized by an accident that is caused by the negligence or recklessness of another individual that causes a person to sustain mental or physical injuries. Pain and suffering can be caused as a result of a personal injury accident. For example, many accident victims face long-term emotional suffering and chronic injuries due to the trauma of an accident.

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