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Most drivers worry only about catastrophic accidents. However, traffic tickets can result in lasting consequences like higher insurance premiums, fines or points on your license. A series of citations or DUI can be even more difficult, resulting in a suspended driver’s license.

Has this happened to you? You will need a Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer with the skill and experience handling these cases in order to help you avoid a suspended license or other consequences.

Best Charlotte Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Steps in the Traffic Violation Process

An attorney can help you defend yourself against your traffic ticket. Whether you fight your ticket with a Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer or by yourself, it is vital to know the process.

The process starts with entering a plea and gathering evidence for trial when the driver’s representation (you or your attorney) pleads not guilty. Sometimes, the driver’s representative and prosecutor resolve the case before it goes to a judge or jury, ending the process. In other instances where the officer does not show up, the driver’s case can be dismissed.

If the driver’s representation and prosecutor fail to settle, they present their arguments, and the judge decides their verdict and the consequences if the defendant is found guilty.

The Experienced Choice To Handle Your Traffic Violations

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, our lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina, have extensive experience handling traffic violations ranging from speeding tickets to driving while your license is revoked, and a variety of other moving violations.

Choosing our firm to defend you means tapping into decades of combined experience with traffic matters and a proven track record of success for many of our clients.

We are committed to thoroughly investigating your case, paying close attention to the circumstances of your violation and using that information to potentially get charges reduced or dismissed outright.

FAQs for Charlotte Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Q: How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost in NC?

A: The cost of a traffic lawyer in North Carolina depends on your specific charge and the amount of assistance you need. If you request a citation dismissal, the traffic attorney can explain the costs for the necessary level of negotiation. Some cases will be difficult to negotiate or require a trial, which can raise the cost of a traffic attorney.

It is wise to weigh the opportunity cost of a judge upholding your charges. Hiring a traffic lawyer may not be worth it if you have a minor traffic ticket with small consequences.

Q: Can a Lawyer Help With Speeding Tickets in NC?

A: A lawyer can help with speeding tickets in North Carolina. While some people believe they can and should represent themselves in traffic court, it is unwise because an attorney has the experience to potentially get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Reduction and dismissal are complex and unlikely to be accomplished on your own. The fee you pay to a traffic lawyer can ensure that you keep your license and leave the court with fewer charges than you entered.

Q: How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in NC?

A: Successful traffic ticket fighting in North Carolina typically takes an attorney’s knowledge of the North Carolina legal system. When fighting a traffic ticket, an attorney will advocate for your rights and a reduction of charges when possible.

If reduction is not possible, an attorney can work to negotiate with the court or prosecution before your case makes it to trial. This negotiation can result in lenient sentences, charge dismissal, or alternative sentencing.

Q: How Do I Request a Dismissal of a Traffic Ticket in NC?

A: You can request the dismissal of a traffic ticket in North Carolina. Suppose you search online and find a valid defense against your charge, like “mistake of fact” or “legal necessity.” In these cases, you can present your defense and request the dismissal of your ticket. If the court dismisses your ticket, you will walk away without a fine or other penalties.

Traffic Tickets Can Make Life Messy – Let Us Help

A succession of traffic tickets can make life messy right away – but our law firm is here for you. We handle all sorts of traffic tickets, including:

Bring your issues to us for an in-depth discussion over an initial consultation.

We Are One Call Or Email Away

When accompanied by an attorney to traffic court, they will be able to deliver a strong defense against the accusation against you. Chances are that the officer’s notes may be readily accessible to your attorney. If they discover invalid details in your charge, they will have a more robust defense than you found, leading to a potential dismissal or reduction in charges.

Meet with one of our experienced traffic attorneys. Call 704-333-3456 or contact us through our online form.


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