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How To Defend Against A Reckless Driving Violation

If you are caught speeding or racing on a North Carolina road, you may be given a reckless driving ticket.…

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Driver Suspected of Violating Traffic Laws in Accident

The traffic laws that drivers must adhere to can vary from state to state. The majority of states have laws…

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Citations, Charges For Traffic Violations Stem From Chase

Though many drivers do not think twice about going slightly over the speed limit, there is always a chance that…

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Why is Drowsy Driving So Common?

In North Carolina, drivers sometimes engage in dangerous behaviors. Texting and driving is a common one for media to discuss.…

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What Will Happen In Traffic Court?

If a police officer pulls you over and gives you a ticket or you otherwise receive a traffic citation, you…

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Is This Reckless Driving?

In North Carolina, reckless driving can get a person into some serious trouble. This is an umbrella term used to…

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Should I Pay My Ticket Or Go To Court?

When you get a ticket for speeding in North Carolina, you have two options for how to deal with it.…

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Can I Bring An Attorney To Traffic Court?

Some traffic violations seem like such small matters that bringing an attorney with you to traffic court does not feel…

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What Do I Do if I See a Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving is a serious problem here in North Carolina and across the entire United States. In fact, according to…

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Serious Traffic Violations And Penalties In North Carolina

If you are like many drivers, you may not think getting a traffic ticket is something serious. While it is…

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