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Your driving privileges likely have an immeasurable impact on your life. Your driver’s license allows you to get your children to school and to work and provide for your family, and it gives you the freedom to enjoy life. When those privileges are at risk because of a DWI arrest, life can get really messy, really fast. Speaking with a Charlotte DWI lawyer should be your first action after being charged with a DWI.

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we are here to help. We are a skilled legal team devoted to providing strong criminal defense throughout North Carolina. Our founding attorney, Steven T. Meier, has aggressively and successfully defended those facing DWI for more than 15 years. He knows the roles that inclement weather, hazardous roads and motor vehicle malfunctions can play when authorities mistake bad driving for drunk driving.

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What Is DWI in North Carolina?

Drivers get a DWI in North Carolina when they are pulled over on suspicion of “driving while impaired.” While being pulled over for this suspicion does not guarantee you will receive a DWI automatically, the chances are high due to the tests involved and the presumption from law enforcement that you are impaired.

In North Carolina, drivers under the age of 21 have a “zero tolerance” policy, meaning they cannot have any alcohol detected in their system. Their zero tolerance also includes not having a substance impairing their driving in their system either. The potential consequences are especially harsh for a young driver accused of a DWI.

Any driver over 21 caught operating a vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at or over .08% will receive a DWI charge. As a commercial driver, you have a limit of .04%, but in some instances, commercial drivers are also under a zero-tolerance policy.

A DWI charge is a severe offense, and having a skilled attorney assisting you with your case is immensely helpful as you navigate the complicated criminal justice system.

Benefits of Hiring a DWI Attorney

There are many benefits to hiring our firm for your DWI charge. We have experience representing many types of DWI cases and will protect your rights. Additionally, we can:

    • Negotiate Charges: Negotiating charges is an essential skill of any DWI attorney. Here at Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we have the necessary knowledge to understand when reducing or dismissing your charges is possible. Reducing or dismissing a DWI charge can be the difference between going to jail and getting a second chance. When possible, we will work tirelessly on your behalf and ensure you have the most effective defense to negotiate your charges.
    • Challenge Evidence: When we need to challenge evidence, we do. Sometimes, the sobriety test that “confirmed” your guilt was faulty. Other times, the officer may not have had probable cause to stop you.
      Whatever the evidence against you, we can guarantee we will consider your situation when examining it. Our attorneys will decide on a strategy and pursue it aggressively to protect your rights.
    • Explain NC DWI Law: North Carolina DWI law may need clarification, and while you may not believe you need extensive help, you may need us to explain the law and your rights. Whether you hire us to go to trial with you or you need someone to review your case’s facts, we can help. Our knowledgeable attorneys have represented many people in North Carolina DWI cases and understand the law to its full extent.

DWI Levels in North Carolina

North Carolina uses a tiered system when categorizing DWI offenses. Level 5 is the least severe charge, and Level 1 is the most serious charge. The DWI level assigned to drivers depends on their BAC level and any aggravating factors of their case.

Aggravating factors include:

      • having a child in the vehicle,
      • having multiple DWI convictions,
      • driving with a revoked license,
      • causing someone serious injury,
      • having a BAC over 0.15%, or
      • driving recklessly.

Avoiding a DWI Conviction

The most basic way to avoid the harshest consequences of a DWI is by not receiving a DWI charge or conviction at all. While we can help you avoid a conviction when possible, here are some tips to avoid a DWI charge:

      • Plan Ahead: If you will be drinking or using a substance (even through prescription) that can impair your driving, it is wise to arrange alternative transportation before consuming the substance or alcohol. If arranging alternative transportation is not possible, it may be beneficial to stay overnight where you are.
      • Understand the Limits: Knowing when your BAC is at .08% can be difficult. Most people do not travel with a breathalyzer. Even so, it makes sense to know your tolerance and avoid getting close to exceeding the legal BAC limit.
      • Seek Legal Representation: Attempt to stay calm when pulled over for DWI suspicion. Ask for, call, or seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Here To Listen – Apply Our Knowledge – Protect Your Rights

Our attorneys in Charlotte, NC know how breath testing equipment can malfunction and reflect distorted blood alcohol content. In this day and age, we also take special care to address issues such as:

      • Alibis
      • Mistaken identity
      • Faulty equipment
      • Improperly administered blood alcohol content tests
      • Police procedural violations
      • Questionable forensic science

Whether you are facing charges stemming from a drunk driving stop with unfavorable breath testing results or an accident potentially caused by inclement weather or hazardous roads, we are here to listen, answer your questions and use our knowledge of state DWI laws to safeguard your driving privileges.

Do You Have Questions About Drunk Driving Charges?

Getting pulled over by a police officer is very common. Yet it can also be embarrassing, especially if you may be facing drunk driving charges.

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC Attorneys At Law, our team of attorneys is here to help you. We have successfully defended numerous clients throughout Charlotte and the surrounding area. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Below is a list of answers to commonly asked questions regarding drunk driving in North Carolina.

Can I refuse a breath analysis test?

Yes – but doing so will likely result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Under the law, holding a valid driver’s license in North Carolina means you give implicit consent to drug and alcohol testing while operating your vehicle.

What should I do if I’m stopped for suspicion of drunk driving?

After pulling over safely, do not answer any questions beyond giving your name, license and registration. If you answer questions like “Have you been drinking? How much have you been drinking?” The police may use your response against you later. Simply answer, “I’ve been advised to not answer any questions.”

Should I fight a drunk driving charge?

Drunk or impaired driving charges can seem embarrassing; sometimes people just want to get it over with by accepting the sanctions. However, it can often be very worthwhile to fight the charge, especially if the police failed to follow protocol.

A drunk driving charge on your record can cause many problems for you down the line. You can easily be turned down for a job or a new apartment by having a DUI on your criminal record.

Drunk Driving FAQs

Q: How Do I Get My DWI Dismissed in NC?

A: Knowing your rights is the first step in getting your DWI dismissed in North Carolina. You have the right to legal counsel; in DWI cases, you should take full advantage of this right. A good DWI lawyer can make a significant difference in your case. Experienced negotiators can seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed.
Many defenses, if valid, can result in your DWI being dismissed, but we encourage you to have a lawyer present these defenses for you instead of attempting to do it yourself.

Q: How Much Is a DWI Lawyer in NC?

A: The cost for a DWI varies. Costs can quickly deviate from the average due to the severity of some DWI cases, any aggravating factors, and the evidence from the case. Costs can also change based on whether the case’s charges can be reduced, dismissed, or negotiated. Despite the cost, hiring a DWI attorney is wise because the potential cost of a DWI conviction is high. The most severe consequences may outweigh the cost of the lawyer.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for DWI in NC?

A: While hiring a lawyer for DWI in North Carolina is not required, it is encouraged if you are facing a DWI charge. DWI convictions can alter your life. With an attorney’s help, you can have your charges reduced or dismissed, if possible. Defenses that an experienced attorney will know about can range from an inaccurate test or test method to the officer performing a procedural error during the traffic stop.

Q: What To Do After Getting a DWI in NC?

A: After being charged with a DWI in North Carolina, we encourage you to seek legal representation immediately. You are facing a severe charge with serious penalties. Not including what will be passed down in a judge’s sentence, the consequences on your life will be severe, such as high insurance premiums, the installation of an IID, or possible unfair employment restrictions.

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North Carolina has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation. If you are facing charges in Charlotte or nearby communities, our lawyers are happy to meet with you.


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