Dealing With Possible False Charges Of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge will cause significant disruption in the lives of everyone involved. Many cases include accurate accusations and real trouble, but a number may include dishonest information and bad intentions.

Understanding the potential psychology behind these false accusations may better equip someone to sniff them out when dealing with them.

Reasons for false domestic violence reports

The Coalition to End Domestic Violence discusses false reporting in domestic violence cases. These charges often result from a spouse or partner feeling vengeful or angry, and wanting to “get even” with the other party in their relationship. The rates of false accusations are also high among people with mental illness or other mental health issues.

A combination of many factors may also work together over time and result in a person making false accusations. This can include the demonization of a partner based on falsified accounts and information, unrealistic expectations of a partner that never get realized, and a fear of abandonment especially during conflicts in a relationship.

In the heat of the moment, a person may thus make these charges. It is often an emotional act or an act of desperation, though there are rare cases in which a person will strategically employ false accusations as a way to carry out their goals.

The potential repercussions

Domestic violence charges can come with heavy financial and social burdens, and may even result in jail time or a criminal record. They can impact every aspect of a person’s life. Thus, it is important to set things straight and do whatever possible to avoid false convictions.

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