What Are Common White-collar Crime Charges?

Until someone you know faces white-collar criminal charges, you may not understand what that means. While many crimes fall under this umbrella, some are more common than others.

White-collar crimes are those that do not involve violence but cause some kind of widespread harm to a person or entity. Learn more about the most commonly charged white-collar crimes.

What is money laundering?

When a person engages in a criminal business and makes money from it, the profits need to go through a washing process that makes the cash look like it came from a legitimate source. Absent this money laundering, the criminal enterprise would get caught depositing large sums of money without paying taxes or showing that the funds came from lawful endeavors.

What is corporate fraud?

When those who run a business engage in criminal activity to cover up wrongdoings inside the business, it may amount to corporate fraud. This kind of white-collar crime usually arises when the accounting is off and attempts to falsify records to hide either profit or lack thereof. Insider trading is a common example of corporate fraud.

What is identity theft?

The procurement of someone else’s identity is illegal. Someone who takes the information can either open accounts in that person’s name to take the money or uses the identity to cover up another crime. A common form of identity theft occurs when someone faces arrest and gives another’s driver’s license to attempt to hide his or her criminal record.

Whether your loved one faces a charge of stealing someone’s license or is an unwitting participant in a more extensive operation, finding someone who understands a white-collar criminal charge is crucial.

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