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August 2018 Archives

Video prompts North Carolina street racing charge

North Carolina State Highway Patrol troopers took a 22-year-old man into custody on August 7 for taking part in a prearranged speed competition that allegedly took place in Wake County on July 15. Police are said to have been alerted to the man's alleged activities when an anonymous individual sent them a link to a video of a vehicle being driven at speeds of up to 198 miles per hour. The man is also facing speeding and reckless driving charges.

3 traffic tickets that may inflate insurance rates

It might not seem like a big deal to speed through a red light or disregard the speed limit when you are trying to get to your destination. In addition to the risk of injuring other drivers, though, actions such as these often result in traffic tickets and legal trouble — and both of these have a direct impact on the rate you pay for your car insurance. Some tickets are particularly harmful to the rates you pay.

An overview of reckless driving law

When a person operates a motor vehicle in a dangerous or careless way, he or she could be cited for reckless driving. This is true even if a driver's actions don't result in an accident or cause property damage. Examples of reckless driving in North Carolina and most other states include speeding, running a red light or not stopping for a school bus when it is stopped.

The impact of criminal penalties on social equality

By changing drug possession laws in North Carolina and other states, researchers believe that racial and ethnic disparities could be closed in the judicial and health care system. This was the takeaway from research published in the American Journal of Public Health. After Proposition 47 passed in California, the gap between the number of white people taken into custody and black people taken into custody fell.

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