What is SCRAM?

S SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), created in the 1990s, has risen in the ranks of ways to detect the presence of alcohol for motor vehicle operators. Specifically, the monitor tests “invisible” sweat vapor secreted from the skin to determine the presence of alcohol.

An alternative to ignition interlock devices, the devices are installed in cars where drivers cannot operate their motor vehicles unless they blow into a breathalyzer.

How effective is SCRAM

SCRAM cites a higher effectiveness rate due to the option of people having access to cars or trucks that lack the device. The company sees its product as an option for convicted drunk drivers to stay out of jail and live their lives away from jails or prisons, albeit with some restrictions.

Jurisdictions nationwide have embraced SCRAM, specifically using it as a condition of pretrial release for those arrested for DUI and facing sentences for crimes that involve alcohol consumption.

Due to the system not being considered a medical device, SCRAM is not subject to regulations or evaluations required by similar technologies. Many users cite pain, swelling, chafing, and blisters when wearing the device. They are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s local maintenance to ensure a proper fit and a clean receiver.

Numerous costs

While supporters see SCRAM as a valid option, detractors fear a form of “e-incarceration” where prison involves being housed in homes, affecting all aspects of their lives. Additionally, the price tag for the device also represents more punitive measures in the form of financial burdens. Some SCRAM jurisdictions are charging significant daily rates, only adding to the punishment.

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