The journey to reuniting with your loved one through a fiancé visa can be a rollercoaster of emotions. You dream of building a life together in the United States, but this journey is not always smooth sailing. Information from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services shows that the approval rate in recent years is as low as 63%.

Many applicants encounter delays and denials that make the process challenging and uncertain. Knowing what to look out for is important for anyone applying for a fiancé visa. With the right information, you can create a successful application. You may experience delays during your application for the following reasons.

1. Insufficient supporting documentation

Lacking the required documentation is one of the primary reasons for delays and denials. The United States immigration authorities need several documents to determine eligibility. Among others, these include:

  • proof of your relationship with a U.S. citizen
  • financial support documents
  • medical examinations

Failure to prepare these documents can result in a frustrating and time-consuming delay.

2. Incomplete or inaccurate forms

Submitting application forms with errors or omissions is another common issue. Complete all the required fields on your application forms with accurate information. Errors or missing information can result in a denied application.

3. Failure to meet relationship requirements

The requirements for a fiancé visa are strict, and you must meet them to the letter. Along with being in a genuine relationship with a U.S. citizen, you must also plan to marry within 90 days of your arrival in the United States. If you do not meet these conditions, it can lead to the refusal of your visa application.

4. Criminal records or violations

Criminal records and certain violations can also delay your fiancé’s visa application. Address any criminal issues or ineligibility concerns before you begin the application process. You can then present a clean and unproblematic record to immigration authorities.

Dealing with delays and denials in fiancé visa applications can be challenging. Avoid the common causes to increase your chances of success. Despite possible obstacles, you can look forward to a future with your loved one in the United States.

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