What Is The Impact Of An Ex Parte Order?

According to the North Carolina Health News, the state had an increase of about 2,000 additional domestic violence cases in 2020. Anyone facing accusations of domestic violence knows how it can quickly change their life.

This is especially true when the case involves an ex parte order. These orders can come about fast without notice and aim to provide protection when there is fear of harm.

Ex parte order explained

The granting of an ex parte order means that the court believes there is an immediate threat of harm that requires swift action to ensure the safety of the person making the accusations or children involved in the situation. Such an order can go into place very fast because it will move through the court system quickly. Due to this, the person facing accusations may find themselves facing a sudden and drastic change in their life.

Consequences of an ex parte

An ex parte order commonly results in specific changes. It may impose a no contact order with the person making the accusations. The result of this could be having to leave any shared residence.

The order may also issue a temporary custody arrangement. It could mean the accused individual cannot have any contact with the children, or it could result in a custody arrangement requiring supervised visitations. It is important to note the law does stress that the court must find the children are in direct danger to include them in such an order.

It can be difficult to combat an ex parte order because of how fast the process moves. But the person facing accusations can request relief. In the meantime, following the order is imperative to avoid further legal issues.

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