Steps To Take When A Partner Files A Restraining Order

Facing a restraining order can be challenging, especially when it results from an accusation of domestic violence. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities in this situation.

There are steps that can help you protect your interests if a partner has an order of protection against you.

Read the restraining order carefully

The sheriff in your municipality or a private process server will serve you with a copy of the order of protection, which includes the full complaint and the terms of the order. Study this legal document closely. It will outline the specific restrictions and conditions you must follow.

Comply with the restraining order

Failure to follow the terms of the order can result in legal consequences. The court can issue an arrest warrant, and you could receive fines or even a jail sentence.

Violating a domestic violence protective order is a class A1 misdemeanor in North Carolina. Conviction can carry 60 to 150 days in jail depending on your criminal history.

Prepare for a hearing

If you do not agree with the information in the order, you may be able to challenge it at a hearing. If you have this option, you should gather evidence that supports your case.

This evidence can include documents, messages or witnesses that can testify on your behalf. Prepare your case thoroughly and be ready to present your facts.

Going through a restraining order can be difficult, but can also lead to personal growth. Follow the terms of the document closely to avoid penalties and legal issues.

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