Can Domestic Abuse Be Non-physical?

When people think of domestic violence, they typically think about the physical types of abuse. While that is commonly what gets the most attention, it is not the only way that one person can abuse another.

Sometimes in domestic situations, abuse is verbal, emotional or financial. Refinery 29 explains there are many ways a person can abuse another without ever laying a finger on them.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is probably the most common type because it is often a precursor to physical abuse. The abuser may say mean things, put down the other person or berate them. This type of abuse can take a mental toll on the victim and is often something the abuser uses to control the victim.

Emotional abuse

Like verbal abuse, emotional abuse may be a sign that physical violence is on the way. Emotional abuse involves things like telling someone they need to do something, and if they do not, then it means they do not love you. It also is extreme jealousy or threats to do self-harm because of the actions of a partner. Manipulation is a large part of this type of abuse. Sometimes, abusers also use isolation to emotionally harm their partner.

Economic abuse

Financial abuse is all about controlling the money. One partner may insist on being in complete control over all money in the relationship. The other partner may have to beg to get money for even essential things, such as food.

The bottom line with all types of domestic abuse is control. The abuser wants to be in control of the situation. Someone facing accusations of abuse should understand all the types because it will be easier to show that you were not trying to control and to provide evidence that the abuse really did not occur.

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