Woman Charged With Insurance Fraud After Filing Claim

Some people may not think they are hurting anyone if they tell a little white lie to gain some kind of financial advantage. However, a white lie could result in charges for a white collar crime if authorities believe that a person committed fraud. Unfortunately, a conviction for this type of crime could result in serious consequences, which is why building a meaningful criminal defense against the charges is wise.

One woman in North Carolina will undoubtedly want to find her best defense options after recently being charged with insurance fraud. According to reports, the woman attempted to file an insurance claim with National General Insurance on Sept. 30, 2019. The woman had taken out the insurance policy on Sept. 13 and claimed that damage to her vehicle occurred on Sept. 21. Allegedly, the damage to her vehicle actually occurred before she obtained the policy.

Details were not given regarding what caused suspicion that the woman was making a fraudulent claim or what evidence authorities purportedly obtained that indicated the damage occurred before she had the policy. Nonetheless, the woman received a criminal summons last month and is facing charges for insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property by false pretense. Authorities accuse her of trying to gain over $3,000 from the claim.

Facing an accusation of fraud is a serious matter. This North Carolina woman likely did not think that her situation would end up with her facing felony charges. Now, she must contend with the allegations and do her best to work toward favorable outcomes for her case.

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