Addiction Could Contribute To Domestic Violence Arrest

Most North Carolina residents cannot predict where life will take them. They may have goals or dreams in mind, but it is not uncommon for something to derail those plans. As a result, a person could end up in a situation that he or she never predicted, such as being charged with domestic violence.

Unfortunately, incidents of domestic violence are often connected to drug or alcohol use. Individuals who use mind-altering substances could have little control over how they behave, which means that they could lash out against those around them. It does not necessarily mean that a person is physically abusive. Emotional abuse, financial abuse, psychological abuse, social abuse and more could fall into the category of domestic violence.

Though individuals may want to feel more in control, an addiction could mean that they are more controlled by the substance than their own conscious. This could mean that negative behaviors continue until they escalate to a point where someone calls the police. If so, that could mean that an arrest and criminal charges result.

Mind-altering substances can come in many forms, and many of those substances are addictive. As a result, individuals who are otherwise mild tempered could end up acting in dangerous ways due to the chemicals in their system. If domestic violence charges do result after an altercation, parties may want to remember that they have the right to defend against any allegations. It may be in their best interests to discuss their circumstances with experienced North Carolina attorneys to understand their available options.

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