How Do You Bring up Drug Charges in an Interview?

If you get arrested and convicted for a crime related to drug possession or use, you could face serious penalties. Some of the penalties could include jail time, the requirement to pay a fine, the requirement to do community service and others.

In North Carolina, according to the North Carolina General Assembly, you could face these penalties if you manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance or possess a controlled substance. Having a drug charge on your record can make it more difficult to get a job but knowing how to interview following a conviction can increase your chances of employment.

Tell the truth

If a potential employer asks about a drug conviction on your record, do not try to skirt around the issue or lie about your record. Be open and honest about the charges on your record but do not go into more detail than necessary.

Improve your resume

Work on improving your skills and qualifications to strengthen your resume prior to looking for a new job. You may want to gain more professional experience by going back to school or completing additional certifications that make you a more attractive candidate for hire.

Scrutinize the job posting

Depending on the job and its requirements, you may not need to divulge information about your drug charge. For example, if the job posting only wants to know about felonies, you would not need to include information about a misdemeanor drug charge.

Applying for a new job after a criminal drug conviction can be an intimidating process. But this should not deter you from trying to get a new job and going through with the interview process.

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