Why Do False Domestic Violence Cases Arise?

If you are facing domestic violence allegations, you need to understand the different ways these charges could derail your life. Aside from a tarnished reputation and problems at work, these accusations are especially disruptive for people in certain situations, such as those who are getting a divorce. For example, domestic violence allegations could prevent someone from obtaining custody or visitation rights.

In some instances, victims of domestic violence take action to protect themselves. However, some people accuse another person of domestic violence even though the claims are completely fabricated and no abuse occurred.

What motivates people to file false domestic violence charges?

There are various reasons why people are wrongly accused of domestic violence. Sometimes, people want to win a custody case and prevent their ex from having access to children. On the other hand, some people simply want to shatter their former partner’s life because they hold a grudge or want to get revenge, such as those who are bitter about their ex’s decision to break up. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for some people to prove their innocence in these circumstances and you need to gather as much relevant evidence as you can if you find yourself in this position.

What are some examples of domestic violence?

Domestic violence takes various forms and in some instances, these allegations do not involve any physical contact. According to the North Carolina Legislature’s website, domestic violence can include severe emotional distress and the threat of relentless harassment and worries of imminent bodily injury. Domestic violence also includes bodily injury or attempts to cause bodily injury.

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