Fixing Your Reputation After Criminal Allegations

Allegations of white-collar crime can disrupt your career and damage your reputation. Recovery will require time and a consistent effort to rebuild trust and credibility.

Knowing some strategies for rebuilding a damaged reputation may help you face your future with confidence.

Sincerely apologize

A sincere apology is a great start to showing others that your situation is a thing of the past. Beginning your course correction with taking ownership of your actions can show sincerity and a genuine interest in being better.

If you plan to share your apology on social media platforms, use mindfulness when deciding what to say. A true apology does not mean you have to divulge details about the situation or take fault for aspects that were not your doing. You can issue a sincere apology that does not further impair your reputation or create ongoing conflict and confusion.

Set realistic goals

Reestablishing your reputation will not happen overnight. According to Entrepreneur, this process will require goal setting. If criminal charges abruptly ended your career, your goal-setting efforts may involve professional expectations as well. You may work with a mentor, your attorney and supportive family and friends to help you identify ways to improve your situation.

Feeling remorse for your mistakes may prevent you from making progress in fixing your reputation. Professional therapy is one resource you can consider to help you process your emotions and learn ways to get past barriers to your personal progress. With a commitment to improving, you may find that over time you can reestablish credibility as a trustworthy business professional.

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