When Does Anger Require Counseling?

If you face domestic violence charges, odds are you have experienced moments where it felt like your anger controlled you. While anger is a normal emotion, it can hurt your relationships with others and leave lasting damage to your life when it gets out of control.

According to the American Psychological Association, you may require counseling to help you control your anger.

Why do people have too much anger?

Most people do not need a psychological test to tell them they have too much anger. In general, some people have more trouble with anger than others. Some do not show anger loudly but seem irritable at all times.

Psychologists identify that some people have a low tolerance for frustration. Sometimes people present as easily anger from an early age. Others may develop anger through their upbringing. For example, if a parent teaches a child not to express anger, he or she may have a difficult time channeling it correctly.

How can counseling help?

Most angry people do not know how to be assertive without being aggressive. Unfortunately, many people design assertive courses for those who do not feel anger as strongly. If you do not have the tools or knowledge to control your anger, you may need extra help. Counseling teaches you how to handle anger and the techniques to calm yourself. Most people who have high anger move to a middle range after a few months of counseling.

The idea behind anger management is to find what triggers you and to find strategies that help you from becoming overly angry.

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