Why is Drowsy Driving So Common?

In North Carolina, drivers sometimes engage in dangerous behaviors. Texting and driving is a common one for media to discuss. Drinking and driving is a risky behavior with years of campaigns against it. But drowsy driving is not discussed as often. Today, we will bring light to some of the dangers of drowsy driving.

Drowsy driving is unfortunately common. There are many reasons for this. First, many people drive drowsy. People tend to view it as a behavior that is socially acceptable. As more people believe this, drowsy driving becomes more common. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Since drowsy driving is so common, plenty of people also claim to drive drowsy. If they do it and stay safe, other drivers assume it is not a dangerous habit. And if those drivers also drive drowsy and stay safe? They will conclude that this assumption is correct. Unfortunately, it is not. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as other risky driving behaviors. In many cases, it is even riskier.

Another reason drowsy driving is common relates to the current work culture. Many people push themselves past their limits trying to get work done. Some people even take pride in how far they can push themselves. This leads to people bragging about the things they do for work. Often, this includes driving on very little sleep. Others may try to emulate this behavior.

Are you curious to continue reading about drowsy driving and its impacts? If so, take a look at our linked web page here. It will take you to more information on traffic violations. You can find other info

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