Citations, Charges For Traffic Violations Stem From Chase

Though many drivers do not think twice about going slightly over the speed limit, there is always a chance that an officer may see that action and conduct a traffic stop. Tickets for speeding are not uncommon, but if a driver attempts to avoid getting a ticket by trying to evade officers, that situation may turn more serious. In fact, additional citations for traffic violations could occur.

It was recently reported that a driver in North Carolina is facing multiple citations after a police chase. Apparently, an officer noticed the man on a motorcycle traveling 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer reportedly turned his vehicle around to pursue the motorcyclist and conduct a traffic stop. At first, it appeared that the driver was going to pull over, but police say he continued traveling in a purported attempt to evade officers.

The chase reached speeds over 100 mph and came to an end after the driver reached a dead-end street and attempted to drive through a field. His motorcycle became stuck in mud and overturned. An officer placed the driver in handcuffs. The 21-year-old is now facing citations for speeding, failure to use turn signals, driving left of center, failure to stop at a stop sign and more. He is also facing a felony charge for fleeing to elude.

This North Carolina man is facing accusations for a number of traffic violations, and he will certainly have a lot to deal with as his case moves forward. It may be in his best interests to gain information on all the citations and charges he faces and determine how he could defend against them. Serious consequences could result from this type of ordeal, and he will undoubtedly want to handle it to the best of his ability.

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