What is Happening With North Carolina’s Medical Marijuana Laws?

Many states in the country have legalized marijuana for use either medically or recreationally. There are only three states that have a total ban on all uses of cannabis.

North Carolina is one of those states. You cannot use the substance medically or otherwise without facing criminal consequences. However, legislators are trying to change that.

Medical marijuana bill in the works

The state is working to pass a bill that would legalize medical marijuana use for specific medical conditions. It already passed in the Senate and indications show it would pass in the House. However, it remains stuck without ever having a House vote.

Details of the bill

The bill, known as SB 3, would make it legal for doctors to prescribe patients marijuana for use for 15 health conditions, such as cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also sets up the system through which patients will be able to buy their products. It would allow patients to use the substance through edibles, vaping or smoking.

Opposition to the bill

While it seems like the majority of lawmakers are in support of the bill, there are a few who continue to oppose it. In arguments made in the House, concerns arose that legalizing medical marijuana would lead to complete legalization. They also stated worry that there is no scientific evidence backing up the benefits of cannabis for the treatment of health conditions.

If the House takes a vote and the bill passes, it will have to go to the governor for a signature. If put into law, it would become effective in 2024.

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