Drug Violations May Trigger Detention, Deportation

A drug charge may mean big trouble for anyone. However, if you are living in North Carolina as a legal permanent resident or another type of noncitizen, the consequences of a drug violation may prove especially severe.

Per the Drug Policy Alliance, any noncitizen who receives a drug violation runs the risk of undergoing detainment or deportation. This holds true regardless of how serious in nature your drug violation might be.

Drug-related deportation statistics

The United States deported more than 2,500 noncitizens between 2007 and 2012 for drug-related offenses. Drug-related deportations also increased by 43% within this same span, raising questions about what might be behinds the sharp increase.

Research also shows that you face a higher risk of being the subject of drug enforcement efforts if you identify as a person of color. If so, you are more likely to have authorities stop you, search you or arrest you than you would be if you were Caucasian.

Marijuana-related deportation statistics

You face detention and possible deportation for a drug offense even if it involves marijuana. In 2012 and 2013, the United States deported more than 13,000 noncitizens for marijuana possession. Marijuana possession is also the most common drug-related deportation cause and the fourth most common cause of deportation, period.

Drug-related deportation often hurts more than just the offender. If you undergo deportation because of a drug violation, you may have to return to your country of origin. You may, too, have to leave your family behind in the United States. You may also face barriers when it comes to re-entering the United States to see your loved ones in the future.

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