3 Traffic Tickets That May Inflate Insurance Rates

It might not seem like a big deal to speed through a red light or disregard the speed limit when you are trying to get to your destination. In addition to the risk of injuring other drivers, though, actions such as these often result in traffic tickets and legal trouble — and both of these have a direct impact on the rate you pay for your car insurance. Some tickets are particularly harmful to the rates you pay.

The following are three of the worst tickets you can possibly get. Any of these are sure to skyrocket your insurance premiums and land you in some legal hot water, too. The best defense against such a predicament is to drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

1. Reckless driving

While most traffic violations do not incur criminal charges, reckless driving does. According to UNC-Chapel Hill, definitions for this crime are quite broad, but it includes driving with a disregard for others’ safety. Examples may include speeding well beyond the limit, disregarding lanes of traffic or making dangerous passes. All of these offenses are liable to incur a reckless driving charge and a major spike in your insurance bill.

2. Vehicular manslaughter

Needless to say, if your driving results in the death of another person, you have committed a serious offense. Vehicular manslaughter is the most serious criminal charge that can result from a traffic infraction, and it is a felony. Rising insurance rates will likely be the least of your problems in this case. You will also need to consider criminal defense options as you face the charges against you.

3. Multiple DUIs

A DUI is a misdemeanor criminal offense, but if you have received multiple DUI charges, a subsequent charge may be a felony. Whether you are facing your first or fourth charge, the consequences are likely to be serious — and the impact on your insurance will be severe. It is important to avoid drinking and driving at all costs.

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