What Are The Benefits Of Family Immigration?

Family immigration in the United States is something that happens regularly. The country likes the idea of keeping families together whenever possible, which is why these laws encourage permanent lawfully residents to bring their families into the country.

The American Immigration Council explains there are manybenefits of allowing family immigration and encouraging it.

The basics

U.S. citizens or immigrants holding a green card can seek one of the 480,000 family-based visas available every year to bring close family members into the country. The relatives you can bring here must be immediate in relation.


Encouraging families to come to the U.S. and be together boosts communities. It helps to form those significant relationships that make for close-knit communities. A united community is often much better off socially and financially.

Immigrants also often contribute to small businesses. They regularly open small businesses and help to improve the economy.

It is also incredibly common for immigrants to be better off financially and more likely to move up in their careers. Bringing more of the family to the country only seems to increase the socio-economic status, which is good for the overall economy in the country.

Many female immigrants will enter the workforce right away upon entering the country, which helps to boost the number of female workers. It encourages employers to hire more women and to put them in positions of authority.

Of course, allowing you to bring your family into the country also benefits you in many ways. You have your family support and the people you love living with you again. This provides a better life for you and your family.

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