Ways A Dui Conviction Can Impact Employment

Impaired driving comes with severe consequences in North Carolina. Even a Level V offense can result in up to 60 days in jail and a $200 fine.

However, depending on how extreme the offense was, a DUI conviction can lead to many more far-reaching punishments that follow you throughout your life. You need to fight charges to keep a conviction off your record, or you could have a hard time in the future holding down a job.

Lose your current job

Many employers have policies that give them the right to terminate workers’ employment if employees break the law. You may have no choice but to inform your boss of the criminal offense because you need that time off work to attend court dates. Missing that much work could force an employer’s hand and require your termination.

End up with no way to get to work

A first DUI offense can result in the state suspending your driver’s license for at least 30 days, leaving many people with no way to get to work. Public transportation may not always be an option, and using Lyft or Uber can cost a lot of money. Many people end up racking up numerous tardies and absences after a DUI.

Miss out on future job opportunities

Your current job may not care about a DUI conviction, but other businesses could. It is typical for hiring managers to conduct criminal background checks, and a DUI conviction will undoubtedly appear. It would likely give the company pause if the position would require you to drive.

Lose your professional license

Commercial drivers, nurses, contractors and other professions require licenses to work in North Carolina. Professional boards oversee these licenses, and a criminal conviction of any kind could cause you to lose your license permanently. You may never be able to do this kind of work again in the state. If the police arrest you for DUI, then you need to do everything within your power to fight it.

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