The Consequences Of Domestic Violence Charges

Facing domestic violence charges is always difficult for people. However, people do not need to receive a conviction for these charges to impact their lives. Domestic violence charges can carry serious consequences that affect every area of a person’s life.

People may experience consequences immediately after facing domestic violence accusations. According to the North Carolina legislature, courts issue a restraining order after someone makes an allegation of domestic violence. This means that people cannot live in the same house as their significant other. People may need to leave their homes and establish a separate residence.

Access to children

One of the immediate consequences is that people may be unable to see their children. A North Carolina court may remove the children from the home if officials think that they are in danger. People may also face a court order to stay away from their children for a certain period of time. Sometimes, a court may allow parents to have visits with their children if they think this is in their best interests. These visits are usually supervised.

Criminal charges

People may also face criminal charges after an allegation of domestic violence. According to FindLaw, domestic violence accusations may result in either felony or misdemeanor charges. Law enforcement officials may charge a person with assault and battery if they think that he or she harmed or threatened to harm a significant other or a child. If people receive a conviction, these charges have long-lasting consequences. People may spend up to one year in prison, and they may also need to pay fines.

Depending on the situation, it may sometimes be possible to receive an expungement for domestic violence charges.

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