Strategies to Curb Anger and Avoid Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges, whether justified or not, happen too often in North Carolina. Often these situations arise from underlying anger issues that individuals only partially understand.

People who learn how to control their anger often face a better chance of staying out of trouble with the law.

Tips for calming down when anger builds

Healthline offers several tips for overcoming anger as it grows in a volatile situation. Many of these strategies seem simple enough, but in certain situations, these practices can help defuse an argument between partners, relatives, friends and neighbors. Several of the tips focus on taking a step back from a potentially explosive argument, such as counting to ten, concentrating on deep breathing, repeating a calming word or mantra or picturing a stop sign in the mind.

Putting some physical distance between the source of frustration can also help defuse the situation. Other tips help people release anger in a variety of ways:

  • Play some soothing music
  • Take a walk
  • Write in a journal
  • Practice calmness
  • Call a friend
  • Focus on empathy

At times, anger is a positive response to a distressing action from another individual or to certain events. However, it becomes a problem when it leads to a physical altercation or an uncontrolled outburst.

Benefits of an anger management course

Sometimes professional help becomes necessary, especially if a person has a domestic violence charge on his or her record. An anger management course can help individuals build skills that allow them to deal with anger productively. Information on anger management is available from many organizations in North Carolina.

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