Recent Arrests In North Carolina Highlight Drug Charges

Even as the nation grapples with changes to drug laws, especially marijuana, the news continues to report on high-profile drug cases. The news stories provide some insight into these arrests and the charges faced by those accused of crimes.

The information provided in these cases often slowly emerges in the media.

Man Arrested in Clinton on Multiple Charges

The Fayetteville Observer reported the Sampson County Sheriff Office arrested a 32-year-old man on charges of trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine, maintaining a dwelling for the sale of a controlled substance and maintaining a vehicle for the sale of a controlled substance. Sheriff investigators searched the man’s home and seized the following materials:

  • 44 pounds of crystal meth
  • 16 pounds of cocaine
  • 1,221 pills containing fentanyl
  • Assorted weapons and cash

Authorities placed the street value of the drugs at $1.1 million. The Sampson County jail set the man’s bail at $1 million.

Nine People Arrested on Fentanyl Charges

ABC 13 News reported on several drug arrests made in the Asheville area in March. The arrests came after a multi-jurisdictional effort by several law enforcement agencies that began several months earlier. The investigation focused on two people who distributed large quantities of fentanyl and used a network of associates.

Search warrants in Buncombe and Mecklenburg Counties resulted in the seizure of more than five kilograms of fentanyl, as well as weapons, cash, vehicles and jewelry. Authorities charged the nine people with a variety of offenses including conspiracy to traffic opium/heroin/cocaine and with continuing a criminal enterprise. The investigations in the area remain ongoing, according to officials.

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