Keeping A Dvpo From Ruining A Career

For people required to honor a domestic violence protective order in North Carolina, they may face concerns about how this development could impact their careers and reputations.

Even more disconcerting is when such an order is the result of false accusations of violence. When accused persons diligently follow the requirements of a DVPO, they may more effectively control their outcome.

Knowing one’s rights

Even when facing accusations of domestic violence, people deserve fair and humane treatment. They should have an understanding of their rights so they can identify violations. According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, a DVPO is not a criminal conviction. However, records indicating a DVPO against someone are public.

Based on a DVPO alone, employers cannot demote or terminate an employee. They cannot withhold promotions or benefits. If someone with a DVPO wants to look for a job, employers cannot discriminate or cite a protective order as a means for not hiring because it is not a crime.

Honoring requirements

One way that a DVPO could jeopardize a person’s career results from non-compliance with legal requirements. Career Trend warns that violating an order could result in a person’s arrest and other serious legal consequences. Such outcomes could hurt career prospects, damage professional reputations and prevent success.

If people have received notification of a DVPO against them, it is in their best interest to comply with the restrictions given to them. Meanwhile, they may consider working with an attorney to collect evidence that may effectively persuade the courts of their innocence. At the very least, compliance may enable accused persons to maintain as much normalcy in their lives as possible while they await their fate.

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