Accusations of Fraud Made Against Couple

Being accused of a crime can come as a shock. Some people may feel as if these allegations came out of nowhere and may wonder where they will lead. Unfortunately, serious criminal charges for fraud or other financial crimes can easily have serious consequences in the event of a conviction.

A husband and wife in North Carolina are likely wondering what their futures hold after recently being taken into custody. Apparently, the two are accused of carrying out fraudulent activity involving elderly individuals. The couple allegedly ran construction-related businesses from Dec. 2014 until April 2020 and purportedly charged individuals for construction services but never actually completed the projects.

Authorities claim that the man would contact elderly individuals, often those living on fixed incomes, about his home improvement services. It was unclear how many people may have been contacted by the man or his wife, and authorities are looking for potential victims to come forward. However, the report did indicate that approximately $2 million is suspected to have been fraudulently obtained by the couple. The report did not indicate how the individuals became suspects or what evidence of such activities authorities have.

Accusations of fraud should be taken seriously, and this man and woman will certainly want to ensure that they understand their legal options. Gaining information from local North Carolina legal resources could allow them to obtain reliable insight into their cases and the ways in which they could create and present their defenses. Having such knowledge may also allow them to feel more confident when it comes to handling this difficult ordeal.

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