What Steps Should You Take To Get a Work Permit in the u.s.?

Getting a job in the U.S. as a non-citizen requires a visa. This document acts as a permit allowing an employer to hire you.

There are quite a few aspects to getting a work visa that you need to sort out before applying. It may help to get a basic understanding of the steps of the work permit process.

Decide the type of work visa needed

The first prong of the application process is determining which work visa category you require. Since each has different procedures and rules to follow, finding the one that fits your situation is crucial. Some of the options include:

  • Media visa for foreign press
  • Exchange visitor for traveling educators and students
  • Trade treaty for company executives from countries with which the U.S. has a treaty
  • Temporary worker visa for employment with an end date

Get the employer involved

Regardless of the work situation that applies, you will likely need the employer to aid in your visa efforts. The person in charge will need to fill out and submit a petition to the USCIS. Some labor positions necessitate the Department of Labor to generate a labor certification before submitting the petition to the USCIS. You cannot get any work-based visa without the approval of this petition.

Move forward with the application

After you receive the approval from USCIS, you may apply for the visa online and pay the requisite fee. You will schedule an interview if you are between 14 and 79 years old. Bring the appropriate forms and identification set out in the application. The interviewer will ask you questions about the job and your purpose for entering the U.S.

After moving through the steps, you will hopefully receive your work visa. You may have to submit additional documents, so getting assistance may prove beneficial.

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