What Happens With a Report of Domestic Violence?

If you are in a situation in North Carolina where law enforcement is called for suspected domestic violence, then it can help to understand what will happen. This type of situation is usually fueled by emotions and anger. Regardless of whether you are the accused or the victim, you need to stay calm with law enforcement and know what will happen next after the call is made.

According to the Office of the District Attorney, when someone makes a report of domestic violence, law enforcement will investigate. The District Attorney’s office will also investigate. Even if the victim wants to drop the charges, the DA still carries the case. There is not an automatic dismissal. So, if you have a case of suspected domestic violence, expect an investigation into the situation. If you are the victim, you should understand that you cannot drop the charges. It is out of your hand once law enforcement becomes involved.

If you are the accused in the case, you will have access to an attorney during any situation where you are being questioned about the incident. If you end up going to jail, you will have to stay there for at least 48 hours. After that time, a judge may set bail that you will need to pay to get out of jail. You should stay away from the alleged victim after your release because you could face additional charges depending on your case for having contact with him or her. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.

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