What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter. When facing charges, it is essential to ensure you understand exactly what you are up against.

You may feel there is no way the charges will stand up because you never physically abused the other person. However, domestic violence is not just physical. Understanding the definition of domestic violence can greatly assist you as you mount your defense.

Basic definition

Domestic violence occurs between two parties that have or had a romantic relationship or who live in the same household.  It involves exerting control over another person. This control may be physical, but it also can be emotional, financial and psychological.

Behaviors of domestic violence

Domestic violence usually includes certain behaviors. These may be making the other person feel scared, controlling the way the other person acts, dresses or speaks, coercing the other person to do certain things against their will, causing harm to the other person and injuring the other person either physically or mentally.

No limits to the behavior

Domestic violence can occur to anyone of any age. It can happen to those financially well-off or those who struggle financially. It also knows no gender.

The effects of domestic violence are not just for those directly suffering the abuse. Everyone in the house may feel the consequences. Even if the abuse is only toward one person, it can negatively impact everyone else, causing secondary abuse.

Domestic violence is more than physically harming another person. It is damaging the life of another person through manipulative and abusive behaviors.

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