Lawmakers Push For Change After Teen Is Killed In Chase

For years there has been controversy surrounding the protocols that are used to justify whether or not authorities should chase an unruly driver. In North Carolina, people can be arrested for neglecting to submit to the authorities when they are being pulled over. However, are there certain situations when pursuing a motorist is unsafe and inappropriate?

One family in Connecticut would agree that in specific circumstances, chasing a vehicle is more counterproductive than it is effective. This particular family lost their 15-year-old son in a car accident after the vehicle he was traveling in crashed when the driver failed to maintain control during a chase by authorities. The family alleges that the officer’s reason for pulling the driver over was because there were illegal “ground effect” lights installed on the car.

Despite the fact that the investigators cleared the officer in question from any wrongdoing, the family feels that the response to a minor traffic infraction was unnecessary and ultimately resulted in a fatal accident that could have been prevented. The family hopes to shed light on the flexibility of the discretion that authorities are able to exercise in deciding whether or not to give chase.

If people are dealing with traffic infractions resulting from unclear situations, an attorney may be able to help. With the assistance of a legal professional, people may be able to get clarification for the reason they received a ticket and possibly modify their consequence if adequate evidence is presented in their favor.

Source:, “Should cops chase people for traffic violations?,” Ethan Fry, Apr. 29, 2019

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