Is Childhood Trauma To Blame For Violent Tendencies?

Understanding the underlying causes of domestic violence may help people overcome their tendencies and learn healthier ways of coping with pressure. Often, perpetrators of domestic violence in North Carolina have experienced prior trauma that may impact their reaction.

Childhood trauma, in particular, could create long-lasting effects. People who lack access to resources designed for support may mirror their past and turn into a threat to themselves and those they love.

The impact of trauma

While it may appear as though someone has fully recovered from the trauma, certain triggers can encourage vivid recollection of prior experiences. People ill-equipped to handle these triggers may react irrationally without knowing how to control their behavior. This can contribute to violent tendencies. According to Psychology Today, childhood trauma can affect a person’s life into adulthood in other ways including the following:

  • Passive aggressiveness stemming from the belief that anger is a bad emotion
  • Fear of standing up for oneselfdata-ccp-props=”{"134233279":true}
  • Acting as someone else
  • Victimizing oneself and taking everything personally

Getting professional help

People facing criminal charges for violent behavior may benefit from an anger management course. This resource can put people in touch with other individuals to supply valuable group support during healing. Sometimes, when court-approved, completion of an anger management course may help people to effectively petition the courts to lessen their charges.

Professional therapy can provide instrumental support. People can discover new, healthier ways of coping with triggers and assess how their past traumas create a risk to their current behavior. With the right support, people can work toward overcoming their anger and violence and replacing it with poise and empathy.

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