Different Types of Drug Charges and Their Penalties

Drug charges get treated as criminal offenses, and the offenders face various kinds of charges. Generally, drug charges are not the same. They can get divided into two categories; federal and state drug charges.

Federal drug charges are more serious offenses, and the offenders serve longer sentences. On the other hand, state drug charges attract shorter terms, or the offender can only go through probation.

The University Of North Carolina School Of Arts outlines these drug charges and their penalties. Drug charges differ by conduct as well as the type of drug. One of the charges involves drug paraphernalia. It applies where the accused possess items used in drug crimes. These items may include scale, bong, or pip. Paraphernalia attracts less severe penalties.

Another charge is drug possession, where the accused is knowingly in possession of the drugs in question and intends to distribute them. It also means they possess large quantities that they may not plan to use personally and therefore selling them.

Another charge that attracts severe penalties is the drug trafficking of manufacturing charges. These are for people who are involved in the manufacture and trafficking of drugs. According to NC drug laws, the court must get enough evidence to prove that the accused manufactured or trafficked drugs. If they are found guilty of the charges, the offenders may get convictions of jail terms and fines.

Whether charged with state drug crimes of federal drug crimes, the conviction can have severe consequences on the offender since it remains forever in their criminal records. They should, therefore, prepare with possible defenses against the charges. `

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