Can Driving Without A License Lead To Deportation?

Becoming a permanent U.S. citizen is a long and difficult process that you do not want to risk. Before operating a vehicle without a valid license, it is important to understand how this act can affect your immigration status.

North Carolina is not among the states offering driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. Many individuals might choose to drive without a license in a desperate situation, but there are potential consequences for doing so.

Is driving without a license a criminal offense?

When you have no other choice for getting to work, driving might seem like a necessary solution even if you do not have a license. If an officer pulls you over, you will likely receive a ticket as well as a court summons. While this may seem like a small matter as long as you pay off your ticket, the fact is that driving without a license is a criminal offense that can affect your immigration status.

How will this affect my immigration status?

Driving without a license is a relatively minor crime that may not be grounds for deportation itself. However, multiple criminal offenses can seriously affect your immigration status. Any blemish on your record may reflect poorly as you proceed with the residency process and may draw attention that requires legal defense.

While driving without a license may not directly cause deportation, it can have far-reaching effects that hinder the progress of your immigration status. Consider the options at your disposal before making a decision that might reverse your efforts thus far.

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