Division Of Property And Assets In Your Divorce

Understanding How Equitable Distribution Works In North Carolina

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As you face the division of marital property that you’ve acquired throughout your marriage, you may wonder: How can I be sure that I receive my fair share?

When thinking about the division of your marital assets, the goal of the court is to distribute property under the premise of “equitable distribution.” This means that your assets will be divided fairly, not necessarily equally.

Decades Of Combined Experience To Represent Your Interests

At Steven T. Meier, PLLC, we are experienced family law attorneys who can advocate for you, look out for your interests and lessen your stress. Our firm handles a wide variety of family law matters, staffed with legal professionals who have decades of combined experience.

Our founder, Steven T. Meier, has successfully handled cases involving property division on behalf of individuals, couples and families in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas in North Carolina for more than 15 years.

More About Steven T. Meier’s Approach

Steven T. Meier is an excellent negotiator when it comes to family law matters, particularly property division issues involving high net worth assets.

He will listen carefully to your objectives, answer your questions honestly and work hard to protect your fair share of significant marital assets according to, or in the absence of, a prenuptial agreement.

Let Us Help Offer Guidance

Regardless of the number and value of assets and property, our law firm will offer individualized guidance throughout the entire process.

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