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Attitudes toward marijuana changing in North Carolina

A bill in North Carolina may have an impact on those who have been charged with marijuana in the past. It could also make it harder for people to be charged with that crime in the future. According to a 2017 poll from Elon University, 80 percent of respondents would be in favor of medical marijuana. Furthermore, 45 percent would vote to make it legal for recreational use.

If the bill passes in its current form, an individual would face a misdemeanor charge for being found with 4 or more ounces of the substance. A felony charge would be handed down to someone found with 16 or more ounces of marijuana. Currently, state law says that anyone in possession of more than 1.5 ounces has committed a felony.

Those who were charged under the current law would be entitled to have their records expunged. This would be done with a petition to the state along with a $100 payment. The lawmaker who is pushing for the change has been a champion of medical marijuana since taking office in 2009. Currently, the state only allows individuals to use CBD to treat epilepsy. The lawmaker hopes that changing attitudes toward the drug could make it easier to relax rules regarding its use in the state.

Those who are found to be driving under the influence of marijuana could be charged with a DUI. An attorney for drunk driving charges may be able to help an individual obtain a favorable outcome in his or her case. This might be done by claiming that a driver was not impaired by marijuana and was instead experiencing a medical issue when speaking with an officer. If successful, an individual may have the DUI charge dropped or receive a plea bargain.

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