Charlotte DWI/DUI Attorney

Your driving privileges mean everything to you, including the ability to get to your job and provide for your family.

When those privileges are at risk because of a DWI arrest, life can get really messy, really fast — and the Steven T. Meier, PLLC, criminal defense law firm is here to help.

Ensure that your rights are protected against DWI and drunk driving charges in Charlotte by connecting with our skilled team of North Carolina defense attorneys.

Steven T. Meier has aggressively and successfully defended DWI suspects in our area for more than 15 years. His talents at investigating drunk driving stops, negotiating with prosecutors and preserving clients' driving privileges are well-known among the many clients he has helped. When you summon Steven T. Meier to assist with your case, he can examine every aspect of why you were pulled over by police and discredit any questionable arrest procedure.

For example, Mr. Meier knows how breath testing equipment can malfunction and reflect distorted blood alcohol content. He knows the roles that inclement weather, hazardous roads and motor vehicle malfunctions can play when authorities mistake bad driving for drunk driving. He listens to your side of the story and applies his deep knowledge of state DWI law to safeguard your North Carolina driving privileges.

Steven T. Meier, PLLC — Safeguarding Your Rights And Driver's License

If your operator's or commercial driver's license (CDL) is in danger of being suspended or revoked — if you are a repeat offender facing jail time and heavy fines — our dedicated Charlotte defense lawyers can meet with you, free of charge. Call right now to 704-333-3456. We respond right away to all email messages.